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Mobile Apps

Android and IOS Mobile Apps

Vehicle Daily Checks

Data Trak Driver App digitises the vehicle defect card by allowing drivers to complete a HGV driver daily walk around check from their smart phone. Historically, all previous checks had to be completed manually, which is time consuming and not to mention expensive.

Daily Timesheets

Data Trak Timesheets have never been easier. Track time on your phone, quickly approve employee hours, or dive into dashboards and reports that make it easy to manage and plan employee time.

ePod Signatures

Data Trak is a real time Proof Of Delivery app. It is designed to run alongside our Transport Management System (or interface to your existing TMS). It allows jobs to be sent easily from your TMS to the drivers mobile quickly.

Tracking and More...

Data Trak is a cloud-based data management system. Use's all-in-one software to manage your deliveries and routes, to make paperless proof of delivery, to track your vehicle in real-time, to send jobs to your drivers and track timesheets.